Islander TR3 – All New Reel, Same Great Sound

Your rod pounds on the Scotty. You jump up, set the hook and suddenly the line is peeling and that old familiar song rings out—only this time it’s a new reel doing the singing. The TR3 is here. With a fully sealed disk drag, corrosion-free ceramic bearings, ported paddle handles, and two-tone finish, the Islander TR3 sets a new standard in salmon trolling excellence.

Multi-layer Fluoropolymer And Stainless Steel Disk Drag

The heart of the TR3 is its all new drag system made from an ultra-high performance fluoropolymer material known for its low coefficient of friction, durability and consistent performance across wide temperature ranges.

Disks are laser cut then sandwiched between alternating layers of stainless steel. The result is silky smooth performance, zero start-up inertia and more than enough power to stop the hardest fighting chinook. Simply put: it is the finest performing drag system on the market today.

  • All-new stacked disk design
  • Ultra-high performance fluoropolymer
  • Smooth and consistent performance
  • Zero start-up inertia for smooth runs
  • Shark-stopping power

Fully Sealed Drag System

Not all “sealed drags” are created equal. Many fly reel manufacturers claim a seal then rely on contact or a single-shielded design. This may work on rivers or flats but on the big water of the Pacific Northwest the standards are higher. That’s why the TR3 uses four O-rings to create an impenetrable barrier, preventing contaminants or corrosion from affecting drag performance. The sealed nature also means that the drag requires virtually no ongoing maintenance to continue performing at its best.

  • Four O-rings create 100% sealed system
  • Contamination and corrosion are eliminated from the drag
  • Virtually maintenance-free performance

Fully Ceramic Bearings

Forgot to clean your reel after a weekend on the water? You no longer have to worry. By using 100 percent ceramic bearings, the TR3 eliminates any possibility of corrosion for smooth performance with minimal maintenance.

  • 100% ceramic bearings eliminate corrosion
  • Minimal maintenance required

Ported Paddle Handles

Single action fishing is defined by your direct connection to the fish. Our all-new ported paddle handles bring that connection to a new level. By porting out the centre of each handle, your grip is much more secure, especially when fishing in wet or frigid conditions.

  • Improved feel while fighting fish
  • More secure grip in wet or frigid conditions
  • Exposed matching red handle bases

About Islander

The TR3 and every Islander reel is designed by our in-house product development team, tested extensively in the Salish Sea by Islander staff and local guides, and built at our Vancouver Island facility. This Made in Canada approach gives us unmatched quality control which in turn gives you unmatched reliability. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional fishing for your livelihood, you can depend on an Islander to perform now and for generations to come.


Model TR3
Diam. 4.6 in
Spool Width 0.9 in
Weight 17.6 oz
Capacity* 350 yds of 30# monofilament, no backing required
Body 6061-T6 solid billet aluminum
Spindle 316 bar stock stainless steel
Rotation Ceramic ball bearings and self-lubricating synthetic bushing
Finish Anodized (All aluminum parts)
Made in Canada Designed, machined and hand assembled on Vancouver Island.

* Capacities are subject to the style of the line used.