Mooching Reel — Anti-Reverse, Disk Drag

  • ARMR2 front spool view
  • ARMR2 back frame view
  • ARMR2 side arbor view
  • ARMR2 reel with box and pouch
  • ARMR2 Black
  • ARMR2 front spool view
  • ARMR2 back frame view
  • ARMR2 side arbor view
  • ARMR2 reel with box and pouch
  • ARMR2 Black

US$ 575.00


  • ARMR2 mooching reel.
  • Neoprene reel pouch with velcro closure.
  • Maintenace Manual and Warranty card.


View or download the maintenance manual
ARMR2 Maintenance Manual (432 KB)

Designed, machined and hand assembled in Canada


Ideal for downrigging, the ARMR2 features a frame-side free spool lever that places the spool into a drag-less mode, allowing for quick drops to a desired depth. The drag is adjusted on the spool side, and offers a wide range of drag pressures to slow down and even stop that next record fish that gets hooked up.


  • Free-spool/Drag Lever - Allows the user to completely disengage the drag.
  • Delrin® Handles - Two contoured Delrin® handles. Delrin® is a light and durable engineering plastic.
  • Spool-side Drag Adjustment - Buttery smooth and infinitely adjustable.
  • Right Hand Only - Because of the free-spool design, the ARMR2 cannot be configured for left hand retrieve.

Limited 2 Year Warranty

Islander offers a limited 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. For a period of two years after the date of purchase, Islander Reels warrants this reel against any failure due to defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is valid only if the reel has been cleaned and maintained according to the Maintenance Instructions. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only. This warranty does not cover normal wear, misuse, or loss. Nor does this warranty cover damage due to: improper use or improper assembly, improper/inadequate cleaning or improper/inadequate maintenance.

Cautionary Note: It is recommended that mono-filament line be removed from the line cavity of the spool every once in a while to relax the line and remove pressure from the spool walls.


Model ARMR2
Diam. 4.25 in
Spool Width 1.0 in
Weight 16.3 oz
Capacity* Backing plus 350 yds of 20# monofilament
Construction CNC machined in Canada 6061-T6 solid billet aluminum
Clutch System CNC machined in Canada brass clutch with cork drag surface
Spindle CNC machined in Canada 316 bar stock stainless steel
Rotation 2 Double sheilded stainless steel ball bearings
Finish Anodized (All aluminum parts)
Assembly All assembled by hand in Canada.

* Capacities are subject to the style of backing used.
Line Recommendations - Because of the ductile nature of monofilament, Islander recomends filling two-thirds of the spool with #50 dacron backing, and then filling the last third of the spool with monofilament.