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Islander Reels has been manufacturing precision Center Pin, Fly and Mooching reels for over 25 years. Islander is a division of J.S. Foster Corporation in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. J.S. Foster Corporation is a precision production machine shop, using modern C.N.C. lathes and machining centers and employs over 50 people involved in various capacities of the operation of the company. J.S. Foster was started by Joseph Foster over 45 years ago and continues to be a family owned and operated business.
Through a close working relationship with J.S. Foster, Islander Reels combines a tradition of quality and integrity with its own ingenuity and commitment to excellence. This ensures precision and quality in every Islander reel. Islander's staff are directly involved in each phase of production from conceptual design to finishing touches, a process that has been improved at every level through comments and suggestions from pro and amateur fishers alike.

Maintenance and Repairs - Islander Reel Repair Form (.pdf 84kb)

To send your Islander Reel to Islander for maintenance or repair, please...
1) Call Islander to confirm authorization.
2) With your reel, include your Name, Physical address and Phone number.
3) Clearly label customs paperwork and the package exterior: “Canadian Goods Returning For Repair”
4) All shipments must be prepaid.
5) Shipments should be made either by registered mail or by courier.
Please do not use UPS when shipping to Islander.
A $20 processing and handling fee will be applied to each non-warranty related reel.
Islander will contact you for payment; Please do not send cash or cheque with your repair.